EVERYMAN: A Celebration of Patrick McGoohan & The Prisoner

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 2017 saw the 50th anniversary of The Prisoner TV series, with celebratory events across the globe. 

The show was first screened on ITV in 1967 and became an instant cult classic. An action adventure series that broke the mould, and continues to fascinate. Starring Patrick McGoohan, the series was ground-breaking, profound, psychedelic, and gained an international following.  

Brian Gorman’s book, ‘EVERYMAN: A Celebration of Patrick McGoohan & The Prisoner’ is a graphic novel adaptation of Brian’s highly-acclaimed one man stage play, and was launched at the annual Prisoner fan convention at Portmeirion in 2016. There is also a brand new audio production available now on CD. 

The Everyman graphic novel costs £12 (plus £2 P&P). Please email me at brianinchester@yahoo.co.uk to place an order.

 For more information on the 'EVERYMAN' CD: www.quoitmedia.co.uk  


The stage play premiered at The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester in 2010

Everyman premiered at The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester in 2010.


Praise for EVERYMAN:
"Witty, informative, dramatic, and wonderfully-paced throughout." 

Brian Watson, The Unmutual Prisoner and Portmeirion Website.

''An essential piece of insight into one of the most iconic actors of the twentieth century."

- Starburst Magazine 

EVERYMAN Graphic Novel & CD

Everyman graphic novel & CD

Adapted from the stage play.

The graphic novel is written & drawn by Brian Gorman.

The CD is an audio adaptation of the stage play, performed by Brian Gorman. Directed and produced by Giles Bastow. Original music by Tamsin Middleton and Hand Carved Spatula.


The Graphic Novel:

It is obvious from the first page that Gorman is a massive fan of the man and his works, and this attention to detail is evident within the superb dialogue, and the moody, atmospheric style of the artwork. The art is striking, vivid, and engrossing, with panel after panel of shadowy and iconic motifs carrying us forward on a journey through the great man’s life. 

As a biography it’s second to none, which is no mean feat as McGoohan himself was as shadowy and enigmatic as the panels that seek to tell us his story. It’s the sort of overview that one can imagine McGoohan would have approved of. Instead of glamorising, and over sensationalising, Everyman merely allows the great man himself to wistfully reflect on an extraordinary life born of strict Catholicism, and a constantly uprooted childhood. Even if you already know this stuff, it is presented in such an invigorating manner that it manages to pull all of the strands of his life together into what feels like THE definitive story of Patrick McGoohan.

For most of us the story of McGoohan’s life is also important as a lead in to the creation of The Prisoner. This is where Everyman excels managing to explain how his life and experiences were almost certain to lead to the creation of something outlandish. The creation of The Prisoner comes across as almost inevitable. Everyman does a superb job of conveying how the coming together of this extraordinary man, and ITC mogul, Lew Grade, was a seismic convergence that allowed McGoohan finally off the leash.

Everyman is an essential piece of insight into one of the most iconic actors of the twentieth century. For any fan of The Prisoner this is literally a must have item. 9/10

- Jordan Royce (editor), Starburst Magazine

Full review here: https://www.starburstmagazine.com/reviews/everyman-book-review

 Condensing a 40-year story which has so far filled two biographies, a 1-hour stage play, and countless pages of articles and essays, down into 70 pages of artwork could not have been an easy task, so I was concerned that much would be missed, yet when I had finished reading I did not feel that anything had been left out. Each chosen included moments of McGoohan’s life is cleverly selected and executed, and Brian has somehow managed to tell a 40 year story in 70 talent-laden pages in both an exciting and informative, and yet moving and reader-connecting, way, and is a unique addition to the pantheon of McGoohan-related publications.

Brian's artwork is superb from start to finish and to my mind is a project which has been created with care and attention to detail of the highest order.  

 ‘Everyman’ not only tells the story of one man’s life in an accurate and interesting way, but is presented with care and talent in equal measure. It did not only meet my expectations of being a well crafted, scripted, and executed piece of work, it surpassed them, and deserves a place on every 'Prisoner' fan's bookshelf'. 

- Rick Davy, The Unmutual Website

Full review here: https://www.theunmutual.co.uk/reviewseverymangn.htm

 Very cleverly told. Using McGoohan's iconic hero of Number Six as an overviewing narrator and interspersing the well-remembered questioning tone of the idealistic everyman across the entire biography gives a great feel of in-character drama. While biographies can often be leaden in their pedantic attempts to detail a life's minutiae, this approach-coupled with its theatrical visualisation-wonderfully reflects the very goals of its subject, to rise above the predicable and the mundane. 

- Dez Skinn (Former Head of Marvel UK, creator and editor of Doctor Who Magazine and Starburst Magazine, and creator of graphic novel V For Vendetta. )

Everyman: The CD trailer

TRAILER for 'Everyman A Celebration of Patrick McGoohan and The Prisoner' - a CD Audio Drama starring Brian Gorman. Available from www.quoitmedia.co.uk 


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