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BORDERLINERS: True Realities’ is a fast-moving 21st century espionage tale with more than a nod to TV’s ‘The Prisoner’, ‘Spooks’, and the Jason Bourne movie franchise, not to mention the mind-bending sci-fi stories of Philip K Dick (‘Blade Runner’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Minority Report’, etc.), and the mind-blowing world of quantum physics. The grittily realistic graphic novel finds double-crossed government agents fighting to recover their sanity, and hit back against a corrupt department of M.I.5., whilst uncovering an incredible multi-universe spanning conspiracy. 

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WhatThe Critics Say

"Gorman’s art certainly complements the dark undercurrents of his story though. It’s shadowy, brooding and atmospheric with a photo-realistic style that gives it both a gritty gravitas and, as contradictory as it sounds, also an almost unearthly quality at the same time. Most fitting for a tale that is set in a world that is both recognisably ours and yet one step detached from it as well. His evocation of a McGoohan-esque confluence of events is also well-realised with a feeling of the fatalistically inescapable to Marley’s plight; of a man whose life has always essentially been in the ownership of others."

- Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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" ... a glorious, quirky and quite mind-bending tale ."

- John Freeman, Down The Tubes

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"Profound, obscure, weird, confusing, humorous, and entertaining."

- Starburst Magazine

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" 'Borderliners - True Realities' is a first class piece of work." 

- Rick Davy, The Unmutual

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