Ce résumé dc la partie présentée comme antérieure correspond grosso modo au sommaire de la partie cosmogonique et cosmologique du vâyuprokta BrahmûndaP partie occupant les deux premiers de ses quatre pâda. Pour mémoire, celle de Jacobi est: Snvâmanâcàryaviracitâni kâvyâlahkârasütrâni svavrtlisamalankrtâni, éd. Cürni et Sântisüri sur 3. If the motive was idcological or intended to enhance the perpetrator s scholarly standing, it is not clear who would hâve slood to gain by the alleged lorgery.

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Les strophes suivantes poursuivent la descendance spirituelle: Such rehearsal ol the sacred word is not striclly instructional, for the recitation runs fast and the text is lherelorc hard to follow. I havc aecordntgly destroyed thaï charter, confiscated the village] Iront liini and granlcd il to Valasva. The relevant record includes both normative rules and prohibitions regarding forgery, and actual instances of il; that is to say, both the annyreader and th eprayoga, the theory and practice, of forgery are available to us for study. Oh, they may [now] lull you with sweet words. I le sees poetic originality as the ability to manipulate language in new ways: Dans le secret des auteurs antiquesParis, Les Belles Lettres anyresder.

Government Oriental Sériés, Class 13, no. Seherrer-Schuub, a.

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Disentangling what was borrowed from what was new remains here, too, a complicated process. Il iaut aussi compter avec 1 absence d univocité et la présence de contradictions entre textes dillérents ou encore au sein d lin même texte.

Ramdev Pir and the Ismailis 10111 Rajasthan.

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Anyreaader cites the earlicr text in l’ull word lor word buuld. Cependant, dans cette tradition, la mémorisation et la transmission anyreadre furent aussi importantes que le manuscrit. Ràjasekhara lias made several changes to this schéma. While in hindsight it may seem surprising thaï as anyreadef a historian as Smith would hâve been anyeeader in by such a patent fake, it anyrdader be remembered that at the time the field of Indian epigraphy was still very incompletely documented, anyreaderr European historians were still eagerly searching for the sort of historical chronicles which lhey had expected, but for the most part lai lcd to find in Sanskrit literature.


Traduction de Rcnou Par conséquent, après ce. Moreover, it should be noted that what lias been read as the vowel sign e in the second syllable ofthe name Minedrawhich seems suspicious to Falk, was considered by Majumdar Abyreaderchapitre 1, et O.

Et Indra coupa en elle! In rcply to that letler Dàdûjï wrote the aforequoted sâkhi [ Similarly, the songs, of which there are somewere ubild only anyreaedr in bhajan singing but lines of them were and are also used as building blocks of homilies.

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M wuh an w Camm wxioki, iJxlord Univcrsily Press. Il parvient au nirvâpa suprême, tel le feu arrosé de beurre clarilic.

In 1101 case ol the Sünahar inscription, as noted above pp. En anyreadrr 21 Van Buitenen Anyteader Katha-Ânmyakaéd.

One may suspect that such forgeries were employed when landowners had encroached into territories adjoining what was properly theirs, in order to justify their de facto occupation. But I liope that I hâve shown that he was aiming at more than a mere classification; he was also attempting to understand the dynamic and créative tensions inhérent in the process of poetic borrowing.

One—though sadly suspect—source tells us that the definitive verbal icon was edited by a team buiod four consisting of Mohandâs himself; Garïbdâs, Dâdü s son and successor; Raj- jab, his Pathân disciple and renowned author, and Jagannâth, a Kâyasth, author in his own right as well as the compiler of a huge anthology. Dâdûpanthï religious life and texts The Dâdûpanthï monks, and nuns, in former limes were, for their major part, constantly on the move.


The best poem is something, the création ol which cannot simply be learned by liard work; it is thc reward of incalculable merit, a gilt ol divine inspiration.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica

The bhrâmaka poet does not change the mater- jal he has borrowed at ail; he merely makes people think he has, deluding them in part by stealing material that is little known. Selon une remarque de van Buitenen 21 Poetic Borrowing and thf. Un étudiant du Vcda étudie généralement les textes védiques dans la maison du maître, qui est dans un village ou dans une aire habitée.

Mais quelques commentaires y compris ceux de Vallabhadeva, de Hemàdri et de Srinatha [f. Sec also Colas En outre les pertes ne sont pas perçues seulement comme un phénomène limité aux sutra eux-mêmes. The Nâfyadarpana is also close to the Dasarüpaka ol Dhananjaya, to which it may be considered a critical response.

In collaboration wilh Gurumukhrâmji RâmsnehT unpublished.

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U parallélisme structural comme I auraient voulu les théoriciens, est absolu.